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 VOL.33   (2013.10.30)
Special Issue East Asia in Sino-Japanese War
Battle for Hegemony over the Time: Time and Ceremony in Manchukuo,North China Puppet State and CCPBase Area during the Japanese War MARUTA Takashi
The Abiriginese in TAIWAN and The Asia-Pacific War: The Actual Situation and the Historical Position of TAKASAGO VOLUNTEER TROOPS KIKUCHI Kazutaka
Unstable Images of Naisen-ittai Slogan and Colonial Rule of Korea during Japan-China War MITSUI Takashi
Thailand's Reactions to Japanese Propaganda:1942-43 KANO Hiroshi
Comments(1) SHIBATA Tetsuo
Comments(2) NISHIMURA Shigeo
Epilogue BABATakashi
Articles Pan Guangdan's view of Eugenics and National salvation SHIBATA Tetsuo
For Fisical Policy of Shandong in Sino-Japanese War Period NOGUCHI Takeru
Book Reviews ASANO Ryo,KAWAI Satoru ed.,Political History of Modern China NISHIMURA Shigeo
HAKODA Keiko,The Birth of a diplomatic corps: The Evolution of Modern China's Foreign Posture and its Consulates Abroad FENG Qing
TOMIZAWA Yoshia,KUBO Tooru,HAGIWARA Mitsuru,:Japanese Enterprises in Modern China KAWAI Shinichi
KATO Hiroyuki,WATANABE Mariko OOHASHI Eijiro:China in the 21th Century the Volume of Economy:Bright and Dark Side of State Capitalist TAKAYA Kazuko
Special Issue Argument about SASAGAWA Yuji's Socoal History of the Birth of the People's Republic of China MISHINA Hidenori,TAKAOKA HIroyuki,SASAGAWA Yuji
nternational Exchange My Personal Memory and Modern Chinese History David Y.H. Wu
The Revolutionary historical consept and Japanese factor of Chinese "warload"discourse XU Yong
Substance of Rport in Monthly Workshop
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 VOL.32   (2013.03.31)
New People's Society's Policy Women in North China under Japanese Occupation KIKUCHI Shunsuke
A Primary Study of Toa-ho(Eastern Asia News),a Pioneer of "Chain of Thoughts"between Modern China and Japan JIANG Haibo
The Communist Party of China after Marco Polo Bridge Incident: A Study Focused on the Measures to the nationalist Party and Japan ZOU Can
Book Reviews TANAKA Hitoshi,MIYOSHI Emako(ed.),Modern China Studies in Co-evolution: The New Platform for Area Studies KANEKO Hajime
OKAMOTO Takashi,Sir Rutherford Alcock: East and the British Empire YOSHIZAWA Seiichiro
YAN Shangping, Employment,Wage and life of the Migrants in China: An Empirical Analysis Based on the Orginal Micro-data SHIRAISHI Maho
Substance of Rport in Monthly Workshop
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 VOL.31   (2012.10.31)
Special Issue History and Present of "Constitutionalism/Democracy" in China
Institutionalization of Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Government in Modern China KANEKO Hajime
Pursuit of Constitutionalism at Crossroads ISHIZUKA Jin
Understanding the Process of Constitutional Politics in Taiwan: Dictatorship or Democracy? ROC or Taiiwan? MATSUDA Yasuhiro
Comments(1) NAKAMURA Motoya
Comments(2) WAKAMATSU Daisuke
Epilogue MISHINA Hidenori
Articles The Reconstruction of the Principle of the Legitimacy in Contemporary Chinese Political Regime WATANABE Naoto
Book Reviews TAKAHASHI Nobuo ed.,Saving the Nation Drive,Mobilization,Docial Order: Poloticals and Society in China's Period of Reform SHIMADA Miwa
NISHIMURA Shigeo,ISHIJIMA Noriyuki,,TAJIMA Nobuo ed.,The Sino-Japanese War during international Relations KWEON Yong jun
International Exchange The Study of Tanwan Buddhist History and Taiwan's Buddhist Studies SAKAIDA Yukiko
Japanese(Studying Abroad)Experience and My China Reseach HSU Yu ming
Substance of Rport in Monthly Workshop
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 VOL.30   (2012.03.31)
Articles Establishment of the Lineage and into Han Chinese in the Muslim Society of Southern China, The Case of Chendai Hui Community WANG Ke
The Beginning of Post-War Japanese-Chinese Relations and the Inauguration of Association for Trade Promotion LI Feng
Reserch Notes Sinorama and Self-image of the Republic of China: Once Chinese, Now Taiwanese(1976-1999) WAKAMATSU Daisuke
Reseach on Propaganda of the Kwantung Army: A Case Study on the Acquisition of Yongdao and the Control of Public Opinion SONG Xiao-meng
Book Reviews KUBO Toru,Challenge for Socialism,1945-1971 WADA Hideo
Author's comment KUBO Yoru
ISHIKAWA Yoshihiro, Revolution and Nationalism 1925-1945 ISHIKAWA Yoshihiro
Author's comment
International Exchange China Studies in Global History: A Report on the 20th Annual World History Association conference in Beijing YANG Tao
Articles for the 40th Anniversary of the Modern Chinese History Study Society
KATO Hiroyuki, MARUTA Takashi, MISHINA Hidenori
Substance of Rport in Monthly Workshop
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 VOL.29   (2011.11.15)
Special Issue Possobolity of the Parliamentary Government in China
The Chinese Communist Party and China's People's Congress: The Party's Leadership and Its Limits KAMO Tomoki
The Historical Significance of the Republican political Regime: The Collapse of Parliamentary System and the "National conditions" HUKAMACHI Hideo
Comments(1) TAKITA Go
Comments(2) WATANABE Naoto
Epilogue MISHINA Hidenori
Articles The Participation of Local Residents in the Local Administration in Colonial Taiwan Period: Cases in the Construction of Local Waterworks in the Late Colonial Period MURATA Shoichi
Reserch Notes Changes in Patriotic Education in PRC's History Education : with Focus on the Jiaoxuedagang since 1949 WANG Xue-ping
Reflections on the Science and Technology Policy of the Early Period of the Communist Party of China: Focusing on the Background of Establishment and Functions of Yan-An Academy of Natural Sciences AN Do-gun
Book Reviews SHIBATA Tetsuo,Collaboration,Resistance and Silence: Comparative Historical Approach to Ideology of Wang Jingwei's Nanjing Goverment SEKI Tomohide
KIKUCHI Kazutaka,Overseas Chinese And The Asia-Pacific War 1937-1945: The Political Dynamic among Japan,China,and the Puppet Regimes NINOMIYA Ichiro
KANEKO Hajime,Series of Empirical Studies on Village Governance Models in China SHIMADA Miwa
International Exchange The 5TH International Symposium: The Modern China and New Evironment of East Asia NEGISHI Tomoyo,WATANABE Naoto
Substance of Rport in Monthly Workshop
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 VOL.28   (2011.03.31)
Special Issue Changing Global Capitalism and Industrialization in Asian Countries
Comparing Industrial Development process in China and India: Different Competitions and Dynamisms OHARA Morikii
Asian Paths of Economic Development in Global History SUGIHARA Kaoru
Peasant Society and Double-track Industrialization: Characteristic of East Asian Industrialism NAKAMURA Satoru
Comment 1 AKITA Shigeru
On the Workshop: the Economic Development of China from the Perspective of Global History KAJITANI Kai
Articles Xiang Nan's Struggle for "Emancipating the Mind" in Fujian SHIMONO Hisako
Reserch Notes The Opium Monopoly and the Financing of the Ji-Dong Regime HIRONAKA Issei
"Poetry Revolution" to "the Baihua Movement" WANG Yan-zhen
Book Reviews SODA Saburo,The Starting to Constitutional National China: Meiji Constitutional Government DOI Tomonori
International Exchange Academic Exchange with Taiwan Scholars BABA Takeshi
Alternative Chinese Online Nationalism: Response from the Hong Kong Internet Community to Anti-Japanese Activism in China Simon Shen
A Commentary on Simon Shen's Paper AKO Tomoko
Articles for the 40th Anniversary of the Modern Chinese History Study Society
KANEKO Hajime, YAMADA Atsushi
Substance of Rport in Monthly Workshop
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 VOL.27   (2010.10.10)
Special Issue 1950's East Asia and the People's Republic of China
The Collision Between "Revolution support" and "Economic diplomacy": reanalyzing of Sino-Japanese relationship,1958-1962 OSAWA Takeshi
With a relationship Called "brothers" in the Socialist World and the Diplomacy of Early Years of PRC--Through the Issue of Chinese Vietnam Ambassador Arrival at Post HATTORI Takayuki
Coexistence and Hungrian Incident ISHII Akira
Comments(1) WANG Xue-ping
Comments(2) SAKAIDA Yukiko
Reserch Notes Telephone and Modern Life:Representation of the Telephone in the 1930's Shanghai YANG Tao
Book Reviews YASUTOMI Ayumu,FUKAO Yoko(ed),Emetgence of the Ninth Macro-Region:Deforestation and Modernization in Manchuria OZU Akiko
Kato Hiroyuki,Toru Kubo,Evolving Chinese Capitalism KJIMA Jun
KUDOH Takamasa,The "Kuriyagawa Hakuson phenomenon" in the Chinese-speaking region: the rise, decline and regeration of his reception in mainland China,and the continuation of his popularity in Taiwan
Articles for the 40th Anniversary of the Modern Chinese Historu Study Society
Substance of Rport in Monthly Workshop
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 VOL.26   (2010.03.31)
Articles The formation of "Reformer Lao Gsnbu Network" in the Chinese Communist Party:With Specific Reference to Li Rui and Hu Yaobang faction of "LaoGanbu" OIKAWA Junko
Studies on the Overseas Chinese Schools in Chosun(Korea)in the period of Nanjing Nationalist Government:Government-General of Chosun's regulations against the use of anti-textbooks YI Junghee
New People's Society's Policy on Local Young People in North China under Japanese Occupation KIKUCHI Shunsuke
Reserch Notes controversy over Japanese books translated into Chinese Between Japan and China in the Meiji Period LI Hai
Book Reviews KIKUCHI Kazutaka, The Chinese Military History in the Anti-Japanese War,1937-1945 YANG Tao
JIAO Congmian,The Political Economy of Bargainin for Trade Between Japan and China KAJITANI Kai
SONODA Shigeto,China-a county of inequality Fate of self-deying socialism AKO Tomoko
International Exchange Workshop in Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Kobe Overseas Chinese History Museum YASUI Sankichi
Articles for the 40th Anniversary of the Modern Chinese Historu Study Society
MISHINA Hidenori,UEHARA Kazuyoshi,SODA Saburo,KIKUCHI Kazutaka,YOSHIZAWA Seiichiro
Substance of Rport in Monthly Workshop
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 VOL.25   (2010.10.10)
Special Issue Reconsideration of Chinese Socialism--From Labor's Point of View
The Local Politics and the Mobilization of Salaried Employees and Wageworkers in 1920-50's Shanghai IWAMA Kazuo
Challenges for Chinese Trade Unions:Perpetual Stuggles from People's Organization to Interest Group KOJIMA Katuko
Labor as Objective Presence in the Modern China YAMAMOTO Tsuneto
Comments(1) KONNO Jun
Comments(2) SAWADA Yukari
Epilogue KOTO Hiroyuki
Articles The Japanese Textile Company "Mansyu Fukubou"in Dalian(1923-1937) WANG Meng
Reseach Notes The Problem of both Population and Reclain of Grassland in Inner Mongolia during "The Great Leap Forward'Movement REN Qin
Between Politics and Culture:On Liang Qichao's Awareness of Mofernity in the Novels WANG Run-bai
Book Reviews KIKUCHI Kazutaka,The Early Stages of the Chinese Cooperative(1911-1928):The Early Movement and Orgin of The Cooperative HASHIMOTO Koishi
He Xue-feng(ed),Series of Empirical Studies on Village Governance Models in China LI De-rui
International Exchange A Commentary on Liu Yanwu's Paper:Chinese Scholars in Rural Studies are Exploring "subjective self" AKO Tomoko
Suicide Order and Its Social Foundation LIU Yan-wu
Essay The Historical Formation of Modern East Asia Economy:Stages and Characteristics NAKAMURA Satoru
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VOL.24  (2009.03.31)
Workshop "Private Diplomacy" and Japan-China Relations in the Postwar Era
The History of Restoring Diplomatic Relations via Private Trade YOSHIZAWA Hiroshi
Beijing during the Cultural Revolution:a First-Hand Account as a Friendship Company Representative DOI Hideji
The Pro-Chinese Movement Overseas during the Restoration of Diplomatic Relations JIN Hui
Comments(1) OSAWA Takeshi
Comments(2) MoRI Takemaro
Comments(3) YASUI Sankichi
Articles The Qing Dynasty Diplomacy in Treaty Negotiations with Eulenburg Mission. UENO Sho-kun
Reseach Notes Discoueses of "National Products" in Modern China:Examining Weekly Magazine Life(1925-33) YANG Tao
Book Reviess SHIMONO Hisako,Political Process of Accepting Foreign Capital in China:A Keystone of the Opening-Up Policy MIYAKE Yasuyuki
MIZUHA Nobuo,Liberalism in Modern China KIKUCHI Kazutaka
International Exchange The Development of Modern Zhengzhou City and the railway(1905-1937) LIU Hui
The Memory of the Emeritus Professor IKEDA Makoto
Substance of Rport in Monthly Workshop
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 VOL.23   (2008.10.10)
Special Issue Reconsideration of 20th century China――Nationalism
The End of the Home Front Society and its Heritage: The Social Trends in Sichuan Province on the Eve of the 1949 Revolutiony SASAGAWA Yuji
The Party,Rural Revolution, and Gender Relations: A Reflection on the Chinese Revolution and the Transformation of Traditional Society TAKAHASHI Nobuo
Villages, Agriculture and Peasants in China under the Nes Agricutual Policies: A Note based on Jiangsu, Anhui investgation YAN Shang-ping
Coments(1) MISHINA Hidenori
Coments(2) AKO Tomoko
Epilogue KIKUCHI Kazutaka
Articles Some issues about the land marks and the local governments in China : the transformation of "the economic development driven by the local states" KAJITANI Kai
Special Issue The chamber of commerce in modern Chinese cities
Modernization and the chamber of commerce in Tianjin ; a study of chambers of commerce trends in China SONG Mei-yun
The comment about the chinese chambers of commerce in the South Manchuria Railway areas OHNO Taikan
Chambers of commerce in Northeast China : foucusing on the chamber of commerce in Mukden UEDA Takako
Book Reviews SASAGAWA Yuji, OKUMURA Satoshi , Chinese Society on the Home Front UCHIDA Naotaka
Xu Ji-lin, The Mobility and Networks of Intellectual in Modern China(1895−1949)』 YNG Tao
International Exchange Report Trend of Modern Chinese History Study in Korea Kang Myung-Hee
A Report on the 60th Anniversary Symposium of the re-forming of the Chinese Buddhist Association SKAIDA Yukiko
Essay On the "Northeast Factor" in Chongqing Political Space NISHIMURA Shieo
Substance of Rport in Monthly Workshop
News Letter

 Vol.22   (2008.3.31)
Articles Korea's advance into Kando region and China's response at the egging of 20th century TERASAKA Seiki
The Community in Chinese Rural Society Before 1949:A Case Study of Southern-West Rural Villages in Jiangxi Provinse ZHENG Haolan
Reserch Note Journals of Diplomatic Missions Abroad in the Late Qing and its Instruction in the Study of Displomatic History AOYAMA Harutoshi
Modern Chinese Taoism and Taoists --from the research of the Hangzhou Taoism Union NINOMIYA Yichiro
Contemporary China:Clue from "China Women's News" YU Ping
Building a New Socialist Countryside in China --From the Viewpoint of the Administrative and Fiscal Reform TAKAYA Kazuko
Book Reviews Xiong Peibiao, Modern Japanese Hegemony Straregy UCHIDA Notaka
HATTORI Takayuki, The Korean War and China OSAWA Takehiko
MIYAKE Yasuyuki, The Political Economy of China's Reform and Opening-Up SHIMONO Hisako
International Exchange International Symposium-- The Changes in the Modern Chinese Society and New environment of East Asia SAKAIDA Yukiko
My Impressions of the Research Research Journey in Europe KIKUCHI Kazutaka
Eessy Essay on Markets in China. KOTO Hiroyuki
Substance of Rport in Monthly Workshop
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 Vol.21   (2007.10.27)
Special Issue "Reconsideration of 20th century China ---Nationalist"
Prologue Hou do We discuss about Nationalism in Modern China KAWAJIRI Fumihiko
Resistance or Oppression?:Chinese Nationalism in the 20th Cemtury MOTTGI Toshio
Popular Movements and Nationalism EDA Kenji
Dynamics Method about Domestic affairs Displomacy of China KAGAMI Mitsuyuki
Comments(1) WATANABE Naoto
Comments(2) KIKUCHI Kazutaka
Epilogue:Seeking for Relativity on the Methodological Nationalism NISHIMURA Shigeo
Paper The Development of Chinese Brewing Industry: Under the Indstrial Policy by the National and Local goverments TAKAHASHI Hiroyuki
The administration and the Chinese Society in the South Manchuria Railway areas OHNO Taikan
Book Reviews Wang Ke,State-Building and 'Nation' in the 20th Century China MATSUMOTO Masumi
Eessy Rethinking 'Area Studies in Grobalization: Inspired by NISHIMURA Shigeo and TANAKA Hitoshi eds,The New Perspective of Modern China Studies. KAJITANI Kai
Substance of Rport in Monthly Workshop
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