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 Vol.20   (2007.3.23)
Symposium "China in World Politics"
Foreign Affairs(yangwu),Diplomacy(waiwu/waijiao) and Li Hongzhang OKAMOTO Takaishi
The International Peace Movement,Comintern,and the Sino-Japanese War TSUCHIDA Akio
The Change of One-Party Rule and Political Stability in China SASAKI Tomohiro
Round up of Symposium YASUI Sankichi
Comments(1) TANIBUCHI Shigeki
Comments(2) ISHIGUTO Ai
Comments(3) WATANABE Naoto
Late-Qing China in World Politics: Epilogue KAWAJIRI Fumihiko
Articles A Study of Income and Expenditure of State Treasury in Late Qing Dynasty DOI Tomonori
Reserch Note Traditional Society and Village Control in the Modern China:A Case Study for the Unit of Basic Organization in Shanxi Province CHEN Feng
Book Reviews IMAI Kenichi&WATANABE Mariko,The Growth of Enterprises and the Financial System in China KAJITANI Kai
MIYATA Michiaki,Opening Ports and the Market along the Coast:A View of Modern Economic History in China TSUJI Takahiro
KOJIMA Yishio,Rural Economy and Landowner System in Modern China SATO Hitoshi
TAKAHASHI Kosuke,Social History of Famine and Relief in the 19th Century China: The Great Famine in 1877-78 KAWAI Satoru
UCHIDA Naotaka,The Huapei Incident: The Tangku Truce and Sino-Japanese Relations in Huapei Crisis 1932-1935 NISHIMURA Shigeo
Eessy Groping for Vigorous Development of "Modern and Contemporary China Studies" KIKUCHI Kazutaka
Substance of Rport in Monthly Woorkshop
News Letter

 Vol.19   (2006.10.7)
Symposium "Integration"and "Segmentation" in Modern China V
Prologe KAWAJIRI Fumihiko
The Composition of Chinese Rural Politics: Centre,Localities and Peasants from the Perspective of Rural Leaders TAHARA Fumiki
The Nationalist Government and the Developmental Policy toward "the North-west Region"1927-1937 YOSHIZAWA Seiichiro
The Modernity and the Problem of Ethnicity and Integration in China:How to Keep the Variety of Ethnicity in the Nation Building? HIRAMO Satoshi
Comments(1) NISHIMURA Shigeo
Comments(2) KUBO Toru
Round up of Symposium UEHARA Kazuyoshi
Book Reviews UEHARA Kazuyoshi ed,.China's Leap Forward,Russia's Revival:A Real Image and Theory of Transition HIOKI Shiro
YASUI Sankichi, The Japanese Empire and the Overseas Chinese in Japan, Taiwan and Korea CHEN Laixing
ISHIDA Yoneko & UCHIDA Tomoyuki,ed., Sexual Violence in Yellow Soil Villages MIYOSHI Akira
Substance of Rport in Monthly Woorkshop
News Letter

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 〔error〕 Chang →  〔correction〕 Zhang
 Vol.18   (2006.3.27)
Symposium 1 Legacies of the 20th Century and Proposal for the 21st Century:Hou shuld Japan face China?
Prologe TANAKA Hitoshi
The Urbanization and the Early Development of Modern TransportationSystem in Huabei,1881-1937 JIANG Pei
A Historical Encounter with Passion and Frustration:China in American Memory MA Xiaohua
The Rise of China and Japan-China Relations JI Baokun,MIYAHARA Gyo
Symposium 2 Grobalization in Northeast Asia in Northeast Asia in the 20th Century
Prologe SAKON Yukimura
From Regional to Global : The 20th Century History of Soy as a Commodity David WOLFF
Chinese Network in Northeast Asia: Its Growth and Decline UEDA Takako
Comment: How We Describe "Globalization in NorthAsia in the 20th Century?" MATSUNO Shuji
Feedback from Harbin into St.Petersburg:Comments with a Focus on the Feedback Circuit KAMINAGA Shoichi
Book Reviews KAWASHIMA Shin,The Formation of Modern Chinese Diplomacy MOTEGI Toshio
OKAMOTO Takashi, Between Dependancy and Sovereignty:Late Nineteenth Century and Fate of the Far East AOYAMA HArutoshi
TAKATSUNA Hirofumi ed., Shanghai in the War time:1937-1945 MURATA Shoichi
Critique Discussion on Late Republican China
Book Review of ISHIJIMA Noriyuki and KUBO Toru ed.,History of the ChongqingNational Government and Chuo University ed., The Nationalist Regime in the Republican China 1928-1949
Essays KURAHASHI Masanao
Substance of Rport in Monthly Woorkshop
News Letter

 Vol.17   (2005.9.30)
Symposium "Integration"and "Segmentation" in Modern China U
The Development of the Telegraph and Railway Network in the Late Qing period: Analysis of the Interrelation of the State Integration's Transformation and Forming of the Traffic Network CHIBA Masashi
in Market Transition HORII Nobuhiro
The Wartime Chinese Electric Power Industry and Japasene Engineees KANEMARU Yuichi
comments YAMADA Atsushi
Round up of Symposium UEHARA Kazuyoshi
Peseach Notes The Functions that Rsalized by the Chinese Federation of Educational Association during the BeijingGoverment Period of Republican China:Forcusing on the Resolutions of the Chinese Federation of Educational Associations IMAI Wataru
Book Reviews SHIBUTANI Yuri,Looking at Manchurian Bandits:The Road Taken by ZhangZuolin UEDA Takako
NAKAMURA Motoya,Constitutionalism and Freedom of Speech in china during the civil War Period,1945-1949
Tadashi HIRANO,The Process of the Movement for Democracy in Modern China:The Challenge to the Governance of the China Communist Party WATANABE Naoto
Discussion withForeign Scolar "Modernity"Problem of New Nouns and New Ideas in Late Qing and Early Republican Period HUANG Xingtao
"Japanese Chinese Character",Chinese "Modernity","General Intellectual History" KAWAJIRI Fumihiko
Substance of Rport in Monthly Woorkshop
News Letter

 Vol. 16   (2005.3.30)
Symposium The Historical Regional Order of East Asia and Contemporary China
The Merchants Network under Naoto KAGOTANI
The Network of Chinese Overseas Laixing CHEN
China,Between Normal Nation and One of the Powers:from the Experience of Modern DiplomaticHistory Shin KAWASHIMA
Chinese Foreign Policy under Globalizasion Kazuko MORI
Panel Discussion
Articles Guangdong Difangziji Yanjiushe(the Institute of Local Autonomy in Guangdong)
and Local Autonomy in Guangdong at the End of Dynasty
Peseach Notes Development and the Reasult od Housing Policy Finance in Urban China Jin YU
Kang Youwei's Views on Race Xiong JIN
Book Reviews
Discussion withForeign Scolar
Substance of Rport in Monthly Woorkshop
News Letter

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